May 2024

Dr. Asadi, Director of EnvoGeotechnique, in a groundbreaking research collaboration with Shanghai Construction Building Materials Technology Group Co., Ltd. (SCG), is set to revolutionize ground improvement by utilizing waste tailings from Huzhou Xingkaiyuan Mining Co., Ltd. in China. Shanghai Construction Group (SCG), a leading Chinese construction and engineering company, ranks as the 16th largest construction company in the world.

Through an innovative alkaline activation process, waste tailings will be harnessed to enhance soil stabilization and strengthen foundation substrates. This pioneering approach not only addresses environmental concerns by repurposing waste materials but also promises to revolutionize the efficiency and sustainability of construction projects in the region.

May 2024

Dr. Asadi's Engaging Lecture at Auckland University of Technology on Foundation Design and New Zealand's Desktop Study Resources: Navigating the Essentials

May 2024

EnvoGeotechnique Announces Joint Research Agreement with Hokkaido University and Auckland University of Technology to Unravel Biocementation Mysteries in New Zealand's Beachrock Formation

EnvoGeotechnique proudly announces the signing of a joint agreement with Hokkaido University and Auckland University of Technology, marking the commencement of a pioneering research initiative. Focused on unraveling the mysteries of biocementation in beachrock formation, this collaborative effort aims to delve into the natural processes underlying the creation of beachrocks, with a primary focus on New Zealand's coastal landscapes. Spanning from November 2024 to November 2027, this long-term commitment signifies a dedicated effort to advance understanding of biocementation and its implications for sustainable geotechnical practices.

By leveraging insights from nature's engineering marvels, EnvoGeotechnique endeavors to revolutionize current methodologies in ground improvement and soil stabilization. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange among leading experts in geotechnology and environmental sciences, this joint initiative promises to yield transformative solutions that enhance the resilience of coastal infrastructure while mitigating environmental impacts associated with traditional construction practices.

April 2024

EnvoGeotechnique Partnered with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) on a Project Titled 'A Sustainable Method for Stabilisation of Pumice Soil in Road' Funded by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Hoe ki Angitū Innovation Fund

In a groundbreaking collaboration, EnvoGeotechniqe partnered with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) to investigate the use of waste glass in the alkali-activation process for stabilizing pumice soils. Supported by funding from the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency's Hoe ki angitū Innovation initiative, this project signifies a significant advancement in sustainable soil stabilization methods. 

The funding for the project was initiated in response to a challenge presented during the Fund's Round One - to expedite the adoption of recycled materials and sustainable practices.

Read the full report here

July 2023

 Asadi Attends ICE Fellows Roundtable and Dinner with ICE Presiden

Asadi was honored to attend the ICE Fellows Roundtable on Tuesday, July 11th, 2023, followed by an exclusive dinner with ICE President Keith Howells and Director of Regions Wendy Blundell.