Utilisation of Waste in Geotechnical Applications

We specialise in exploring innovative ways to repurpose waste materials and integrate them into geotechnical applications. By harnessing the potential of waste, we aim to create sustainable solutions that minimise environmental impact and maximise resource efficiency.

Sustainable Ground Improvement

Our consultancy services focus on sustainable ground improvement techniques that optimise soil stabilisation, reinforcement, and consolidation. By adopting environmentally friendly practices, we enable clients to achieve long-lasting, cost-effective, and eco-conscious solutions.

Alkaline Activation & Geopolymerization 

We delve into the realm of alkaline activation, exploring innovative techniques to strengthen soils, stabilise structures, and promote sustainability. Through our consultancy services, we assist clients in implementing these advanced methodologies to achieve improved performance, durability, and reduced environmental impact.


We are passionate about exploring innovative solutions that harness the power of biocementation. Biocementation is a cutting-edge technique that utilizes biological processes to enhance the properties of soil and promote sustainable construction practices.